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hello Laser hair removal

hair reduction 


Micro Areas

Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Fingers, Toes,Hands, Feet, Jawline, Sideburns


Small Areas

Underarms, Neck, Naval Line, Basic Bikini


Medium Areas

Brazilian, Butt Cheeks, Chest, Full Arms, Full Face, Half Legs, Lower Back, Shoulders, Stomach


Large areas

Full Back, Full Leg, Hollywood


Hollywood Front & Back 


Price Per Session Per Area


Women's hair removal has been a popular treatment in the Beauty Industry for many years . From shaving & threading to waxing and sugaring we have certainly tried it all. 

Laser Hair Removal has also been around for some time but has become more accessible as technology has evolved. We are over the moon to be able to offer our many waxing clients a new and more efficient Laser Hair Reduction Service



Male grooming has in may ways overtaken the female industry and Laser Hair Removal is proving no different. 


Micro Areas

Fingers , Toes


Small Areas

Hands, Feet,Front of Neck, Nape of Neck,Underarms



Medium Areas

Arms, Beard, Buttocks, Chest, Half Leg, Shoulders,Upper Back



Large areas

Chest & Stomach , Full Back, Full Leg, Upper Back & Shoulders


Price is Per Session Per Area


hello laser hair removal

We have been dreaming about offering Laser Hair Reduction for many years. It's something that we wanted to get right. Its something that we didn't want to rush . 

We wanted our service to make a difference to those that matter.


We want Laser Hair Reduction to improve your life by bringing a permanent hair reduction treatment to our salon .

Book your consultation today and start your Laser Hair Reduction Journey .

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